We are disruptors by nature.

Borne out of necessity 

Our founder thought it was time to give women and men real solutions to their activewear needs. Having worked in the sportwear industry for  many years.

 Only by being unreasonable are we able to create a future full of wonderment to ensure that we do justice to our health and body. 

 Keep it moving forward and commit to being active with our heavenly apparel.



Action with integrity ......


Our founder believes that once you are secure 360, meaning feeling secure and being secure at the same time you will become:-
  • Confident
  • Know your value
  • Capable
  • Trust self
  • Trust others
  • Stable
  • Fearless
  • Your life's fabric content becomes intact
  • You connect easily with others and the world around you.
  • These are the elements that will compel you to take action with integrity regardless of outcome.

We are committed to creating our products to feel like heaven when you perform in them or wear them for any other reason.

Everything we put on our product is not redundant - every stitch, seam, fabric, look, fit, stylelines etc serves a purpose.

We will take you to a journey of discovery. 

We identified that science alone is not enough - so we decided to inject intuition which is part of our DNA to create possibilities in all our thought and creation process. When we fail we learn from it and own our mistakes - only then are we able to proceed to address the needs we see ahead of us with clarity and confidence. 

We have also decided to embrace 

emotional intelligence as the key trait we need in us to advance and sustain our existence in all spheres of life.

Now and again you will see disruptive ideas or product coup from our "Innovation dugout" it's how we roll.....

In essence we are advocating for total justice and peace - in order to achieve sustainable harmony in humanity and our geography   /environment.

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